I get a lot of special requests. This time it was a meerkat doll. I seriously couldn't picture one in my head. I did some research (i.e., a Google image search) and familiarized myself with them. I couldn't find many artisan-made plush meerkats. After some sketches and input from my customer, I came up with this 16-inch plush cutie!
I am so happy with how the two different chenille fabrics look together! It's hard to find chenille these days, and it's very expensive when you do.

I can't even remember where I got the brown chenille, but I've used it on many projects. It's almost gone now. :(

The ivory chenille is repurposed from vintage drapes. I bought it specifically for plush animals and I *love* it on the meerkat!

The buttons were also a vintage find from my stash. I love being able to use things I've collected!

This little gal is ready for her trip to Australia! 


Here are all the pics from Laila the Meerkat's photo shoot:

As a reminder, my "Ellen" style purse is on special this month for only $37

Here's another example of this purse to hopefully spark your interest. Lisa ordered her "Ellen" in this rich, vibrant bird fabric! She also wanted a small coordinating pouch. (This style of pouch is $18). 

Check out more photos of Lisa's purse 'n pouch below!

Ta-da! I finished this adorable pair of plush elephants today. The big one was a custom order for a one-year-old boy. I decided to make a coordinating baby as a surprise! I've been playing around with a pattern by Bustle & Sew and thought I'd try a new size. I'm loving them!

I sewed on fleece eyes, instead of buttons like my previous elephants. I made these guys as toddler-friendly as possible, expecting them to be picked up by their ears and tails! 

The baby stands 5 inches tall and is 6 inches long. Here's a photo of him with a spool of thread for perspective. 

I kind of want to make 1,479 of them -- in all different fabrics! At this size, I'm even thinking of adding a loop so the toy can be attached to strollers or diaper bags. And how about adding crinkles, bells or squeakers? 

The larger elephant stands 10 inches tall and about a foot long. Her ears are ginormous, which is one of my favorite things about her. She looks great from all different angles. 

I have made elephant plushies in the past, which were much more like pillows. I couldn't figure out how to give them dimension or four legs! I learned a lot about making stuffed animals from the Bustle & Sew pattern. It's all about gussets, baby!

If you want to practice making plushies, Helen at Bustle & Sew is giving away a few tutorials. Along with "Charlie the Elephant" (which I modified to make my elephants), she has an adorable hedgehog plushie! I might have to try that one soon.

Here's a slide show of this patriotic pair! Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts!

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